Dr Dick does BEAU!

Hey sex fans,

We’re back investigating the depths of The Erotic Mind of BEAU — the artist, legend and icon. 51nej03zp9l_ss500_This series of conversations with noted erotic artists, like BEAU, is helping us understand something of the creative process involved in this specialized art form.

If you somehow missed Part 1 of this delightful and enlightening conversation look for Podcast #121 on the Dr Dick’s Podcast Page. You’ll find a tab for that at the top of this page. Or simply use my site’s search function. Type in Podcast #121 and don’t forget the # sign.

Be sure to check out BEAU’s beautiful and seminal artwork HERE or on his publisher’s site HERE.

BEAU and I discuss:

  • The difference, if any, between erotica and pornography.
  • The connection between sensuality and spirituality.
  • His chosen media.
  • What he looks for in the erotic art of others.
  • His sexual heroes.
  • Advice for aspiring erotic artists.

See a slideshow of some of BEAU’s work. Click on the thumbnails below.