Sex EDGE-U-cation Podcast Series Premiers

Today’s podcast marks my 2nd anniversary of bringing you these audio editions of my sex advice column.6a00e54fb949ec8834010536ad8b6e970b-800wi

To celebrate this milestone I’ve decided to launch a new series of podcast interviews called Sex EDGE-U-cation.

In this series we will take a look at the fascinating world of kink and fetish sex. We’ll touch on topics both familiar and exotic.  I guarantee that our investigation will be thought-provoking, stimulating and very informative.  And I can say that with such confidence because we will be chatting with prominent educators, practitioners and advocates of unconventional sexual expressions and lifestyles from all over the world.

This new series, which premieres today, will continue to appear on Wednesdays.  However, my regular weekly podcast will continue on Mondays.

I am exceptionally pleased to welcome my first guest in this series; the Toronto based yet internationally known and respected bondage artist, educator, leather titleholder and Dom.  My inaugural guest is none other than the man they call Dart.  You know you’re good when you only have to use one name.

Listen to the podcast HERE!

Click the banner below to visit Dart’s website.


Daddy Oohhh! Welcomes FleshJack

Today we welcome a new sponsor — Fleshjack.  Say guys have you been looking for the perfect gift for yourself?  A gift that will give you hours of fun and pleasure and never run out of batteries?  Well I have just the thing for you.  Once you’ve tried a Fleshjack you’ll never again settle for second best.
Fleshlight Sex Toy

Ya know all you guys out there who keep complaining to me about your short fuse?  Well here’s a tip for you.  Being a great lover, being able to control your orgasmic response and last for as long as you’d like, takes practice.  Sure you can learn to last longer simply using your hand, but now there an even more effective way to train yourself for sexual stamina and endurance with a partner.

Allow me to introduce you to The Endurance Jack.  It is just one of the fine designs from Fleshjack.  It comes with the stamina insert with has extra large bumps and a tight canal. With just a little practice, this puppy will help train you to last longer, to gain control over your ejaculation response and avoid untimely climax.  Once you accomplish this with The Endurance Jack you’ll have the skills you need to last and last with a partner.

And remember, these fine products are made in the good old US of A.  Look for the links to these amazing resources right there on the sidebar.

Dr Dick’s EROTIC MIND Podcast Series Premiers Today

Today, Dr Dick inaugurates a brand new series of interviews called The Erotic Mind.   jaybee-kay-fc.jpg

To help satisfy my audience craving for all things erotic, I came up with the clever idea to interview noted erotic artists.  In doing so, I figured we’d uncover something of the creative process involved in the specialized art form.

This series will include all kinds of artists working in several different media.

To kick off our new series, I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to a world-class artist who creates her erotica using the medium of words — Kay Jaybee.

Enjoy this enormously entertaining, yet oh so informative, chat with one of the brightest stars in the erotic firmament HERE!