thecast006For a family of gay orientated adult content, membership & online magazine type of websites.

The sites, including an online store, are functional and generating revenue. However, they need a redesign and redevelopment. I would expect my new partner(s) to put his/her own stamp on the sites in short order.

There is also an amazing stockpile of original content ready to be added to the sites that are already up and functioning. This includes streaming media and download-to-own capabilities. Duties would include site maintenance and updates, as well as some marketing.

The ideal candidate(s) will be a highly resourceful, creative, independently motivated and goal (revenue generating) directed.

We are looking for a strategic partnership arrangement with an individual(s) who has a proven track record of working with an adult multifunctional site and knows his/her way around Internet marketing strategies. This partnership offered is a 50/50 split. This means ownership in terms of both work output and revenue share. The growth and revenue potential is significant.

This is not a work for hire!

Resumes, references and work history to: dr_dick@daddyoohhh.com

Dr Dick Celebrates One Year of Podcasting

Hey sex fans,

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Today’s podcast marks my 1st anniversary of bringing you these audio editions of Dr ddsa01Sex Advice With An Edge. So let’s celebrate with special show.

  • Dr Dick brags about how he got into the podcast business.
  • Dr Dick runs his mouth about his sex advice site.
  • Dr Dick disclosed the secret to a happy sex life…in one word!
  • Dr Dick pontificates on the History of Sex.
  • Finally Dr Dick drones on and on about sex therapy. 😉


Hear the podcast HERE!

Daddy Oohhh! Welcomes the Stockroom

Today we welcome a new sponsor — JT’s Stockroom.  You’ll find a banner for this treasure-trove of sexually stimulating toys, implements, fetish wear and gear in the sidebar.

Listen up you guys, if your sex life needs a little sprucin’ up; and who’s doesn’t?  I want you to mozie on over to this online sex emporium and pick out something really naughty for yourself or the other pervs in your life.  I mean, if you can’t find what you are looking for in JT’s Stockroom you’d better just call off the search right now.

There is a dazzling array of products that will liven up even the most ho-hum sex life.  Shopping at JT’s Stockroom, is stockroomjust so damn fun and, I might add, easy.  Yes siree, sex fans!  You can spare yourself the embarrassment of skulking down to your local sex emporium to pick up all those marital aids you’ve been drooling over.  You can forget about seedy storefronts and leering salesman in unsavory neighborhoods, because you shop from the privacy of your computer.  Thanks to JT’s Stockroom it’s never been easier or more discreet to be a big fat pervert.  Be sure to take a moment out of your hectic schedule and visit JT’s Stockroom today.  Sex toys and props are just a click away.

Jizz4u.com Returns!

It is with great joy and satisfaction that I’m finally able to send you the news that I’ve been longing to send you for over a year. At long last, http://www.jizz4u.com/ is back.

I’d like to formally welcome you to the premiere of our brand-spankin’ new, completely redesigned and redeveloped site. We’ve included a lot of the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from those impersonal mega-sites. But the feel here at Jizz4u remains very comfortable and friendly. We hope you will feel immediately at home.

We are proud to present a superior collection of exceptionally tantalizing men — REAL MEN — believable men. No body-stereotyping here! We go out of our way to bring you the diversity we know you want and appreciate. You’ll find a delicious selection of men — gay, straight and bi — representing an array of age groups, body types and ethnicities. And all of our models are here to CELEBRATE THEIR SEXUALITY with and for you.

I hasten to add that this is just the beginning. My business partners and I have exciting plans for the future. We’d be happy to keep you informed of further developments, if you’d like. We hope to set a new standard for quality content delivered in the most up-to-date manner.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

All the best,

Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice Podcast, First Edition!

Listen to it HERE!

Hey sex fans,drdick_banner

My very first podcast is ready to rock and roll your world! SWEET

  • Frank needs bigger tits
  • Daniel #1 has big meat; does he need to find a bigger pussy?
  • Daniel #2 is about to chow down on some tasty butt-hole.

(What’s up with all the friggin’ Daniels?

  • George is not sure about his girlfriend’s cookies

And finally

  • Alicia gives her queer brother a Valentine


Check out The Lick-A-Dee-Split Connection. That’s Dr Dick’s toll free podcast voicemail HOTLINE. Don’t worry people; no one will personally answer the phone. Your message goes directly to voicemail.

Got a question or a comment? Wanna rant or rave? Or maybe you’d just like to talk dirty for a minute or two. Why not get it off your chest! Give Dr Dick a call at (866) 422-5680.


Look for my podcasts on iTunes.  You’ll find me in the podcast section, obviously. Just search for Dr Dick Sex Advice. And don’t forget to subscribe.  I wouldn’t want you to miss even one episode.

DrDickSexAdvice.com Launched!

I want you to be among the first to know that I finally have a permanent home for my sex advice column – www.drdicksexadvice.com/ As time permits, I’ll be populating this new site with all my archives.


In the meantime, I’d like to invite ya’ll to visit the site. Your comments and critiques are always welcome. Just remember, the site is only a few days old. 😉

i have big plans for developing the site – RSS, podcasts, mini-movies (Dr. Dick’s Guide to Sexual Intimacy, a series of Public Service Announcements) and the like.

Already we are featuring innovations like: The Lick-A-Dee-Split Connection. That’s Dr Dick’s toll free podcast voicemail HOTLINE.

Another unique innovation, A Self-Help Repository of Visitor’s Submissions. The first of such will be on the topic of masturbation.

I’m inviting women (Jillin’ Off ) and men (Fingers To The Bone) to send me information about technique, style, fantasy, setting and perhaps implements used in their masturbation. I’m inviting stories of early masturbatory experiences, disappointments as well as successes. Soon, visitors will be able to upload photos and/or short videos of their masturbation as well.

– dr dick

Best of Jizz4U LIVE Released

Daddy Oohhh! Productions is proud to announce the release of VOLUME 1 — The Best Of Jizz4U LIVE! This latest full-length feature is premiering in the Daddy Oohhh Playhouse; Streaming Video Theater. Check It OUT!


We all agree — there is nothing quite like a LIVE SEX SHOW. They are HOT for sure! But because they’re unscripted, they’re totally unpredictable too. It’s a voyeur’s paradise!

We now bring you VOLUME 1 — The Best Of Jizz4U LIVE! Besides the awesome shower and bedroom performances by our SIZZLING cast, we added the BONUS — totally unrehearsed, no-hold-barred — INTERVIEW SHOWS with our hilarious hosts — Sylvia O’Stayformore and Axel. You’ll be hooked from the start. You’ll enjoy every Sex-Filled minute.


  • An INTERNATIONAL Cast of 7 super-HOT men.
  • JUICY Solo and Duo Scenes.
  • 10 Full-Length SEGMENTS.
  • 3 hours, 46 minutes of Nonstop SEXY-FUN Programming.

Bar Back Blues Released

Great News Smut Lovers!

The wait is over. Daddy Oohhh! Productions is proud to announce the completion of OUR BAR TRILOGYLast Call, After Hours and now BAR BACK BLUES.


This latest full-length feature, BAR BACK BLUES premiers in the Daddy Oohhh Playhouse; Streaming Video Theater. Check It OUT!

Pity the lowly Bar Back, he’s the lowest man in the bar pecking order. He works hard, but still gets no respect. But in BAR BACK BLUES our young hero earns the admiration he richly deserves.


  • An INTERNATIONAL Cast of 6 super HOT men.
  • Sensational Duo and Group Scenes.
  • Starring: MARIO ORTIZ, ROBERT BLACK and KYLER LACHLAN as the Bar Back
  • Introducing: Yahroe and Marc LaSalle
  • 4 Full Length SCENES

Plus An Extra Bonus Feature…

BEING THERE @ BAR BACK BLUES: An hour-long Behind The Scenes look at the making of this great title.

  • Previously unreleased footage
  • Cast interviews
  • Candid moments
  • Promotional photo sessions

This Title Will Be Available In Our Store For DOWNLOAD TO OWN Later This Month!

Custom Made Gay and Bi Content

Our video production company, with its international reputation for quality, award winning productions, is now offeringvictor6 to produce a line of unique gay and/or bisexual content for the discerning upscale client.

Look to us for excellence in terms of models, locations and production values.   We can serve you with high-resolution still photography as well digital video — even High Definition video for those in the high-end market.

We also provide an array post-production services.  Including, but not limited to:  editing, sound design/music scoring, art production; (box and DVD menu) as well as authoring and encoding.

We look forward to discussing your content needs with you.  Sample budgets are available.  Ideally we are looking to work with a small select group of strategic partners, who will be able to contract for content on a regular basis.

julianDo you want to move beyond the traditional wholesale/retail model of hard copy DVD distribution?  We suggest the definitive wave of the future for the entire industry — Internet Broadcasting.  We have extensive experience producing and delivering high quality digital content directly to the consumer at a fraction of the cost hard copy replication, packaging and distribution.

Direct your inquiries to the email address below.  Include information about your company, the kind of content you are looking for, and your anticipated dates of delivery.  We will gladly respond to all serious inquiries.

Richard Wagner, Ph.D.

Daddy Oohhh! Productions
1122 E. Pike Street  #1133
Seattle, WA  98122

Best Gay Video Series Award for Daddy Oohhh!

I am pleased to announce that Daddy Oohhh! Productions has been named the Best Gay Video Series by the West Coast Sex-Positive Culture Awards.

“This producer get kudos, and ultimately this award, both for his foresight in working with new (and possibly rising star) actors such as Nick Stone, as well as for his philosophies of “affirming the fundamental goodness of sexuality in human life” and restoring the “romantic, alluring, and seductive aspects of our sexuality” to porn. His films are often playful, featuring men you could imagine meeting in real life, and are popular both with women who like gay porn as well as with gay men. Good work.”