Good Morning Men Released

Good Morning Men

Richard Wagner

Victor Rios, Roman Reade, Simon August, Benton Place


Suppose you could spy on some of the Northwest’s hottest men as they wake up in the morning. Would you take a peek? Sure ya WOOD!

Good Morning Men is a voyeur’s paradise! We’ve captured four very hot men as they perform the intimacies of their morning ritual. You know what that involves, right? Morning wood and a lot of it. Toilet and shower scenes, too.

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  1. Hi, I really liked Good Morning Men Especially the first guy . Could you tell me who did the music , the name of the song and album? Really cool song. Thanks alot, Dwayne

  2. the guy went by the name Icepick, as i recall. i don’t believe there’s a title or an album, sorry.

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