Funn and Games Review 2

Funn & Games

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Daddy Oohhh! Productions

Director:  Richard Wagner


Nick Stone

Victor Rios

Simon August

Sean Anderson

Roman Reade

My friend Dan  told me a while ago that I should meet Richard Wagner because he was carrying the DVD “BodyRocks” in his DVD store.  I was like, “yeah, I’ll give him a call”.  And never did.  Daddy Ohh Productions is a Seattle based studio using Seattle performers.  It sounded interesting, but sometimes I get bombarded with porn where I don’t even want to see a scrotum not to mention the humping and pumping I have to see monthly just to come up with a review.  I’m not complaining, I love my job, but even welders get tired sometimes.  Well, time passed and I got an email recently from my friend Andy.  In it he copied Richard Wagner and then the next day I received an email from Richard himself.  He said that he was interested in meeting me too and to give him a call.  I did.  Child, it was the hottest day of the year and I had taken the day off to have my teeth cleaned, my favorite thing on earth, so I made a date to drop by his villa.

When I got there, I was sweating like a pig and probably looking just as greasy in the heat, and he answered the door.  In front of me stood a very handsome, older gentlemen (I was shocked).  He invited me in and gave me a glass of water and we sat and talked porn for the next hour or so.    Richard is easy to talk to, his villa was comfortable, and it turned out that he and I share the same views on porn and how it could be.  Later on he took me upstairs and showed the rough, unedited version of his latest project and we shared feed back on angles, scenes, who was hot, what worked, etc.  Great afternoon, great guy.  When I got home, in my hot little hands were three DVDs that Richard thought I’d be interested in.  The other two will follow, but this time, I’m going to talk to you about “Funn and Games”.  It goes a little something like this:

Nick Stone and Victor Rios open this visually stunning DVD.  I take it that they are lovers and they are letting us take a peek on them getting busy between the sheets.   They open on this lovely bed with this really great comforter. The thing that stood out for me was there was this mirror behind the bed and you can see their refection at all times.  This is going to be very important later, so pay attention.  Victor is just out and out fine.  Fine in that Latin, brown, uncut kinda way.  Y’all know what I mean.  And the child gives you booty for days.  Nick?  Let me tell you about Nick.  Nick is this little hairy, sexual dynamo that you just can’t keep your eyes off of.  He’s not a gym bunny, but he’s not out of shape either.  He just gives you that MAN thang.  Back in the day, I had to have that smooth, lean Super Model, high maintenance type that makes you so worried that your hair is out of place, because theirs is perfect.  You know the ones, it’s all about them?  Y’all with me? Today, just give me a regular man.  And hair is masculine to me.  Anyway, Nick is hot.  Nick and Victor kiss and roll about on this bed.  The camera takes you outside to this beautiful garden where Simon August is laying out on a chaise lounge.  By the way, the house is beautiful and so are the scenes of Lake Washington and the general Northwest.  Before long, Nick and Victor take it to a balcony where they can look out and where you can also see Simon playing with himself.  One thing I like about this video is how our Director is so patient.  He wants you to enjoy the lover’s foreplay and he wants you to wallow in the lushness of it all.  So, Simon is outside jacking this really thick cock and Victor and Nick getting busy.   Nick turns that boo-boo to Victor and he slaps it and rims it and they just having themselves a high ho time.  Ain’t that what lovers do?  The camera takes you to a shot where Victor is rimming Nick and you get to see all of that hairy man ass in it’s glory.    Nick wastes no time in arching that back.  I love that.  Outside Simon applies baby oil to his cock and he’s enjoying himself too.  Upstairs, Nick and Simon are still kissing and playing around when Simon gets up and decides to join them and enters the house.  He stands and just looks up at them and it’s something about the way he looks at them that I thought was cool.  Before long, he walks up the stairs and joins them.  Victor with his fine ass shucks his sweats and BA-DOW!!! There’s that smooth, brown, bubble of an ass.  The two become three, cocks get hard and it’s on, ya’ll. They get to rubbing cocks and Nick falls to his knees.  All three have wood, but in my opinion Victor’s is the prettiest, maybe because it’s uncut.  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s me.  I’ve never had a problem with cut or uncut.  No matter how you slice it, it’s gonna come up dick anyway right?

While on the floor Nick sucks Simon’s too and after rubbing themselves together and kissing some more they take it to the bedroom.  It’s here where the mirror comes in handy.  Once again the Director takes his time to prolong this three way and it works.  Nick gets rimmed by Simon while he’s sucking Victor and so on.  And is it me or is Victor’s cock one of those that’s hard to measure?  I swear it looks bigger as the scene goes by, not that I’m a size queen or anything like that.  The three have great chemistry together, but in my opinion it’s Nick who steals the scene.  He’s masculine and you just can’t take your eyes off him.  There are great ass shots, great shots in general and the mirror works. Play close attention to Nick and you will see that he’s rock hard throughout the entire scene.  Very important.  That shows me that he’s not acting, he’s enjoying himself.  Nothing bugs me more than a soft bottom.  Simon and Victor just can’t get enough of Nick’s hairy ass.  They finger it, they rim it and before long, my man Victor puts on a condom and dives right on in.  He wiggles, he jiggles, he’s riding while Nick is sucking Simon.  In the end they lay side by side and watch each other jack off.  Nick is the first to shoot, Victor is next.  Simon doesn’t shoot and it’s fine, but what’s up with that?  Nonetheless, beautifully filmed scene.

Next Sean Anderson, this little college jock looking blonde approaches Roman’s house with some mail.  Roman is dark, balding and has this nasty look in his eyes.  Y’all know I love that.  Sean is in sweats (no shirt) and Roman is in a towel.  They sit on this great sofa and Roman immediately goes for Sean’s nipples.  Pay close attention to his eyes.  This man ain’t fed in a while.  Next thing you know Sean’s sweats are off and Roman goes for the cock.  The towel is out of the way and I swear Roman must be featuring about nine inches and like Nick in the other scene he’s hard as can be.  And ain’t it funny how sometimes the ones with the biggest cock is straight up basic bottom?  Same is true here.  Roman wastes no time showing off his “head techniques”.  Poor Sean didn’t have a chance.  I love how this scene is totally different than the first.  Different because there’s this raw sexual energy to these two.  The three in the first scene were loving and tender.  Loving and tender?  Not when Roman is around.  Sean, bless his hard maybe top, but when it was time for him to suck Roman, the poor child just couldn’t do it.  I found myself yelling at the television, “girl, suck that dick!  What you doing!?”  I think Mr. Wagner saw the poor child struggling because we immediately see Roman back in charge.  There is this great shot where Roman is on his knees, backed arched, hole just out there and he’s sucking like a calf.  All the time his nine inches is just a waving.  There is another shot where he’s on the sofa and Sean is standing and you see his mouth just open like a seagull.  I was like, “you go girl.  Take control honey, ain’t no body saying nothing over here.”  Mr. Wagner loves the little details, so pay attention to the performers faces, that’s where the action is.  It’s written in their expressions.  These two are perfect together.  And Lord when Sean starts to fucking, Roman is in heaven.  There is a shot where it’s filmed from the side of Sean’s hairless, creamy ass.  In the shot you can see the “feed me Seymour” look in Roman’s face  Very hot.    After awhile, Sean lays back jacking and Roman’s face is close to his balls.  He licks his thigh and even licks Sean’s fingers.  Hell, I’d cum too.  Sean fills Roman’s cheek, lips, nose and chin with goo.  Roman, leans back and pumps out a load from nothing but wood.  The scene ends with this great smile on Roman’s face.   Guess what?  “Funn and Games” will make you smile too.

But I got to tell you, “Funn and Games is only available on DVD and like the classic porn of yesterday, there is no dialogue.  It’s really not needed. The beauty of it will lure you in.  The music is subtle, the scenery is great, the performers are hot and who wants to hear some lipsy performer say in that nasal voice, “wow coach, you’ve been working out?”  Don’t get me started.

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