Robert Black Reports on Daddy Oohhh! Shoot

Now some feedback from Robert Black, on being a cast member on a recent Daddy Oohhh shoot:robert006

Just back from my weekend in Seattle shooting “After Hours” for Daddy Oohhh Productions. What a GREAT experience! Unlike every other company in the industry, Daddy Oohhh shoots are ‘model-centered’. Scenes are shot in real time, while three cameramen work hard to capture every sultry angle, constantly moving with the action. There are no specific demands made of the actors, although (obviously) hard-ons and ejaculations are highly encouraged. The idea is to have real fun with your costars… and I did! I fucked, sucked, and slurped up my own load (Why waste it?) in this unique, leather themed video. The stable of actors was diverse, both in physical characteristics and level of professional porn experience. The chemistry was wonderful and the energy level amazingly high. Each scene is shot quickly by industry standards (only 1-2 hours instead of the usual 6-12), but doing 3 scenes in two days, in addition to a still photography shoot is demanding. All in all, shooting for Daddy Oohhh! is what people HOPE shooting porn is like. I f you’re an experienced veteran or a porn star wannabe, I’d encourage you to add this company to your video resume.

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