About US

Daddy Oohhh! Productions brings a fresh, healthier perspective to adult entertainment.

Do you remember the golden age of porn?

  • Those innocent, unassuming, joyful, playful, classic films of a bygone era?
  • The days when the sex was earnest, wild and hot, yet oh so sweet?
  • When production took a back seat to honest, unabashed passion?
  • The time before all the polish and gloss, before the cult of hyper-masculinity?
  • Before all the posturing and self-absorption, before the body stereotyping and humorless, deadpan sex?
  • The days before the cookie cutter, assembly line productions that currently rule the marketplace?

Well, we do! And we are delighted to present our homage to that brief time when we celebrated our sexuality with wild abandon and carried on without pretense.

Daddy Oohhh! Productions labors to capture some of the spirit and pathos of that golden era. We produce projects that celebrate sexuality, not denigrate it. We replace what has somehow gone missing from porn lately; the romantic, alluring and seductive aspects of sex. We remedy this by putting the playfulness back into sex play, and doing so with wit, style and a sense of humor. We assume that this will strike a successful cord with all sex positive people.

So if you sense that something has gone missing from adult entertainment lately why not check out our titles and see if they help restore your faith in good old-fashioned smut.

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