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President & CEO

Richard Wagner, Ph.D., ACS
President & CEO, Daddy Oohhh! Produtions
Clinical Sexologist in Private Practice & Sex Advice Columnist


I affirm the fundamental goodness of sexuality in human life, both as a personal need and as an interpersonal bond. I know the unhappiness and anxiety, which sex-negative attitudes can engender in individuals, alienating them from their own body and the bodies of others. I know that such attitudes affect not only a person’s sex life but his/her general relatedness to others as well.

Sexual wellbeing is more than simply being able to perform. It is also taking responsibility for one’s eroticism as an integral part of one’s whole personality and involvement with others. Between the extremes of total sexual repression and relentless sexual pursuit, a person can be helped to find the unique mean which will free him/her for a life of self-respect, enjoyment and love.

Each person is a special ensemble of dispositions and needs and his/her uniqueness must be respected. I avoid arbitrary notions of “good” and “bad” or “healthy” and “unhealthy.” My aim is to provide what information, guidance and therapy as will help the individual get in touch with his/her sexuality, approach it realistically and responsibly, and begin on the way to an independent, growth-orientated, integral, more joyful experience of living a human body.


Since the completion of my doctoral studies in 1981 I have been involved in a wide range of sexological activities including counseling, teaching, lecturing, writing, publishing, video production, in-service training and facilitating groups and workshops. I write an online sex advice column. I am the founder and former Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, PARADIGM; Enhancing Life Near Death – an outreach and resource for terminally ill, chronically ill, elder and dying people.

My therapeutic training includes The Institute for Advanced Study in Human Sexuality San Francisco, The University of California, San Francisco Human Sexuality Unit, and The Pacific Center for Human Growth, Berkeley.

Besides my sexological training I carry a Masters degree in Theology from the Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley.

I am Board certified by The American College of Sexologists, The American Board of Sexology and The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

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